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Brand: Traditional Specialities Guaranteed
Services: Brand Identity, Branding and Design

A brand identity that celebrates Albanian Heritage

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) has developed a legal framework for schemes on the quality of agricultural and food products, in accordance with the National Plan for European Integration (NPIE) and the Inter-Sectoral Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development 2014-2020.


Our team was tasked with creating a brand identity for “Traditional Specialities Guaranteed” (TSG), which involved designing a logo that incorporates elements of Albanian culinary heritage. Our innovative graphic solution celebrates the tradition of Albanian agricultural and food products, establishing a unique and memorable identity for TSG.

A seamless blend of traditional and modern elements

Incorporating Heritage with a Traditional Albanian Tool

The brand drew inspiration from a traditional Albanian kitchen gadget known as the “magje,” which is commonly used for making dough. In addition to this traditional influence, the brand also incorporated one of Albania’s identifying colors: red. This bold and vibrant hue was used as the primary color in all of the brand’s communications, helping to establish a strong and recognizable visual identity.



A champion-level balance


With milk and nothing but the milk!

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