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Brand: Turizmi 2016
Services: Logo / Branding & Design

Discover Europe’s last unturned stone

The campaign “Albania Go Your Own Way” is one of the largest campaigns promoting Albania’s tourism. Our agency developed the Integrated Campaign which featured a number of communication channels through which the same message was repurposed for different creatives. At the heart of the campaign lies an immersive TV spot, produced by us, featuring Albania’s most beautiful attractions as well as its spirit. Among others, the spot was broadcasted in three of the most well known international media channels: BBC, euronews and Travel channel and was also translated in 5 different languages: English, German, French, Russian and Albanian. The digital part of this campaign included a 360 degree marketing of Albania’s Tourism. The promotion of the attractions was done through sponsored ads on Google and Social Networks, as well as integration of Search Engine Optimization to feature Albania in different travel articles.

Sound Waves

The commercial’s song was composed solely for the purpose of this campaign by Samer Agolli and it features traditional Albanian song motives.

From Google Ads to SEO: How We Promoted Albania's Tourism to the World

We created sponsored ads on Google and social media, featuring banners and creatives showcasing Albania’s attractions. Our team also identified 38 relevant keywords in multiple foreign languages as part of our SEO strategy. By incorporating these keywords into international websites and articles, we were able to increase the visibility of Albanian tourism in foreign countries.











Experiencing Albania's Beautiful Scenery from a Bird's Eye View

Part of the campaign was also the creation of 20 promotional videos that would be promoted on YouTube. Through drone footage, we created different videos titled “Albania from Above” to showcase the country’s stunning landscape from a unique perspective.

From Mountains to Seaside: Exploring Albania's Breathtaking Landscapes

We believed the best way to best present the hidden treasures of Albania was to create five captivating documentaries that showcase the country’s stunning landscapes, rich history, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. These documentaries offer a glimpse into the many wonders of this Balkan gem.

Turizmi si koncept dhe realite Historiku, Perparesite, Problematikat, Promocioni
Bregdeti Shqiptar dhe vecorite e tij gjate ketij sezoni turistik veror
VIdeo Dokumentare - Turizmi kulturor ne Shqiperi
Te zbulojme shqiperine permes formave te turizmit alternativ
Turizmi si koncept dhe realite Historiku, Perparesite, Problematikat, Promocioni


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