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Brand: Amstel
Services: TV Commercial / Outdoor Campaign

A story of a person who dared to change his life to make it brighter

A brand with a long tradition, dating back to 1870, Amstel has brewed a high-quality beer for all those people and moments in life so valuable they should be savored, and so wonderful they must be shared. It was the first time that the “Heineken Company” entrusted the realization of the idea and production to a local Albanian agency. We started our collaboration with Amstel Beer by researching the market and understanding the brand’s current perception among the target audience. Young people in Albania may associate Amstel with their father and grandfather’s generation, however the main goal of this campaign was to reach a younger audience and inspire them to pursue their dreams and associate Amstel with inspiration, perseverance, and the support of friends and family. The ad tells the story of a young Albanian man who leaves home in search of a better life and finds work as an assistant waiter at a pub in Italy. Throughout his journey, Amstel plays an important role in his life, inspiring him to overcome difficulties and become a successful business owner in the end.

From Struggle to Success: Creating Your Own Path in Life

The advertisement is styled like a film, with a documentary-like feel that captures the hero’s journey in a truthful and spontaneous way. We hope that this advertisement will inspire viewers to write their own stories and pursue their own dreams, while also highlighting the role that Amstel can play in their lives.

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