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Brand: Fshatçe
Services: Brand Identity, Packaging, OOH, Radio Commercial, Digital Marketing, Web Design and Programming

Bringing the farm to you!

After 12 years of experience as a supplier, “Fshatce” decided to create its own brand with fresh dairy products coming straight from the farm, processed with the highest technology that fits the EU standards. The concept of the brand is built around the idea of cherishing tradition while also welcoming the new, so we created a design that “speaks

Albanian” while also depicts the cornerstones of the brand: quality, hygiene, naturality and transparency; that is how we brought to life the brand’s vision and values.
Our intention was to help the audience identify Fshatçe with the farm, and that’s how we decided on the key visual to be the cow.

A design that communicates authenticity, transparency and freshness. Our mission was creating something eye-catching and immediately distinctive from other dairy brands on the shelf of a supermarket.

Striving to build an aligned strategy for the brand, to further develop its presence across all channels

To build a stronger connection and voice the brand’s message we built the social media presence for the brand. Numerous creatives showcase Fshatce’s main differentiating factor and create tailored messages for the brand’s target audience.



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