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Smooth Sailing Ahead: Boosting Albania’s high-end tourism

Nautic Albania is a platform created with the purpose of enriching high-end tourism in Albania. It  allows sailors and yacht owners to enter Albanian ports through one quick online procedure with no bureaucratic delays as well as facilitates the registration process of a sailboat under the Albanian Flag. Our team created the identity of the platform as well as all the promotional materials (spot, posters and ads) for the campaign that was boosted on digital media. The main inspiration for the logo is the compass, accompanied with the deep blue color of the sea and one of Albania’s defining colors, red.

The website is designed to help users easily navigate and find information for all the procedures needed, as well as suggestions for different destinations of the Albanian Riviera in order to create visibility.

An open invitation to all sailors and yacht owners to come visit the hidden gem of the Mediterranean, while enjoying a 5 star accommodation.


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