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Albania, where every moment is a postcard- perfect memory

In 2019, our agency created the strategy of promoting Albania’s tourism through digital media. The goal was to convey that Albania is a year-round destination with everything a traveler could want, from stunning beaches to delicious cuisine, welcoming people, and stunning mountain landscapes. We worked to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that would appeal to potential tourists from four main countries – Italy, Poland, Ukraine, and Sweden. We utilized various digital marketing techniques, such as sponsored ads on Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram Ads to reach our target audience effectively. We also focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media platforms to increase visibility in the four main countries.

Promoting the Hidden Gems of Albania through Digital Marketing

We developed a 360 degree digital marketing strategy by combining Google Ads and Social Media Ads. The campaigns were developed in 3 stages, with each phase having its own focus on parts of Albania’s heritage. This way we were able to reach a high number of people and a high frequency.

The SEO strategy consisted of two phases: the first part was optimizing and editing the current webpage www.albania.al and the second was identifying the most relevant keywords and marketing Albania’s tourism through 20 high traffic international travel blogs according to Alexa.com. As a result the traffic and authority of the site www.albania.al increased significantly.

Sharing beautiful stories

Part of the campaign was also the creation of 20 promotional videos that would be promoted on YouTube. Through drone footage, we created different videos titled “Albania from Above” to showcase the country’s stunning landscape from a unique perspective.

The implementation of the online campaigns substantially influenced the best possible promotion in the social networks of Albania and the real-time recognition of what it offers. It brought the development of the Albanian image in the international market as a country with a wealth of assets of cultural, natural heritage and historical sites. This way we increased the visibility which had a positive impact on increasing the number of visitors in Albania. 


Albanian National Tourism 2016

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