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Brand: Glina
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A tale of love and time

Glina Spring Water is the oldest and most famous source of water in Albania. Old stories in both Albania and Greece show that Glina has been used as curative water since the Middle Ages. The Glina Natural Mineral Water was processed and bottled in a factory with German technology for the first time in 1979 and it became present in Albanian tables ever since. In this aspect, Glina Water remains the only mineral water in Albania with a long history of traditional consumption. Our agency has been taking care and regularly curating the image of Glina Water since 1998.This time our agency was entrusted with creating the new positioning of Glina Water. Our team based the integrated campaign on the long history of this product. It is a story that features all of us. Along with Glina’s history, we grew up, we changed for better, and we as well as our consumers have something to tell about it.

The inspiration for the campaign came from the 80’, when kids used to make watches from bottle taps to play. We made it into a love story that thrives as two kids grow up. As they do, Glina always accompanies them in their difficult but also their most special moments together.

Every love story is beautiful, but Glina’s is our favorite

Our goal was to connect the audience with their past, as well as tackle their feelings with a romantic love story, but also remember Glina as their companion throughout moments of life.


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