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Brand: Dragon Heart
Services: Spot, OOH, Social Media Design

Energy to do extraordinary things

One of the energy drink brands in Albania is Dragon Heart, for which our agency developed a campaign titled “Live to the Fullest.” This campaign included a TV spot and outdoor advertising, all designed to exude energy and give the brand a distinctive character. Ultimately, the campaign succeeded in creating a dynamic and engaging marketing effort for Dragon Heart.The TV spot effectively communicates the key message that drinking Dragon Heart gives you the energy to do extraordinary things. Rhythmic and with an element of surprise it keeps the audience engaged. The TV Spot was extended to OOH advertisements featuring the main characters but this time tumbling with exaggerated Dragon Heart cans. 

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“Live to the fullest”, the slogan that goes along with the whole campaign expresses the way how the brand will accompany its consumers to enjoy their moments to the maximum


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