Agna Group


Integrated Campaign / 2013

It’s the first time that Heineken Company entrusts the realization of the idea and production to a local Albanian agency

Young people in Albania may associate Amstel with their father and grandfather’s generation. By showing a young person’s journey overcoming difficulties and becoming a successful business owner at the end, we may inspire everyone to pursue their own dreams and associate Amstel with inspiration, perseverance, and the support of friends and family. 

“ A story of a person who dared to change his life to make it brighter”,

The style of this advert was like that of a film where the camera will follow the main hero through his journey in a documentary –like style seeming truthful and spontaneous as it observes the story unfolding.

This is the story of a young Albanian man who leaves home in the hope of making something better of his life, and finds work as an assistant waiter at a pub in Italy.

Throughout his journey Amstel plays an important part in his life, inspiring him to write his own story and share his final success with his friends and family.