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Brand: Aluesse
Services: Branding & Design, Web Development

Essential elements for Superior Construction

Aluesse is an Italian brand that specializes in the creation of premium aluminum profiles for the construction industry. Our team dedicated itself to researching and studying the sector to find the perfect brand name for our client. We’re proud to have created the name Aluesse, that reflects the brand’s purpose. A combination of the words Aluminum and Essence, that took inspiration from the material of the profiles and their impact on construction; even though small in size they are strong enough to hold heavy materials and structure, therefore are essential in building. In addition to developing the brand name, our team worked to create a prestigious visual identity that would be recognizable to our client’s target audience. To complement the brand’s visual identity, we also designed and developed a website that showcases the brand’s products and services in a user-friendly and visually appealing way.

With a focus on consistency and attention to detail our client's new visual identity is more than just a logo!

To us, web design is more than just a beautiful website, it’s communication and experience!



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