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The Traffic lights

Integrated Behavior Change Communication Campaign and Conference

C-Change Family Planning project managed by the Academy for Educational Development (AED), a contractor for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Albania, implemented an integrated communication program to increase the acceptance and use of modern family planning methods.

This creative theme builds upon the symbolical use of the traffic lights sign. As we all are aware of, traffic lights’ main purpose is to regulate and organize auto and pedestrians traffic, and by doing so, it becomes an important warning tool to avoid accidents from happening.

As it is the case with our family planning initiative, the campaign’s key message is that the use of modern contraceptives is an insurance against unwanted pregnancy, and makes our target audience live a happier life. By symbolically associating the utilitarian service of traffic lights to road traffic with the benefits & advantages of using contraceptives for a young couple, we hope to encourage/stimulate our target audience in using family planning methods.

The creative depiction of the association, we believe is best achieved through the graphical use of condom-made traffic lights sign, as well as the use of a specially-made animated cartoon spermatozoid crowd.

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Arranging and organizing a conference was a major part of this campaign.
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