Integrated communication campaign

Glina water spring is the oldest and most famous source in Albania. Old stories in both Albania and Greece show that Glina has been used as curative water since the Middle Ages. The Glina Natural Mineral Water was processed and bottled in a factory with German technology near the spring for the first time in 1979. It became omnipresent in Albanian tables ever since. In this aspect, the Glina Water remains the only mineral water in Albania with a long history of traditional consumption.

Our agency has, since 1998, been taking care and curing regularly the image of Glina Water. It goes without saying that even this time our agency was entrusted with the task of creating the new position of Glina Water. We realized another successful communication campaign. We based our integrated campaign on the long history of this product. It is a story that features all of us. Along with Glina’s history, we grew up, we changed for better, and we as well as our consumers have something to tell about it.

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