AED, C-Change, USAID

Awareness Of Prophylactic Measures For Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Integrated Campaign / Branding & Design, TV Commercial / PR & Events / 2011

The overall strategic objective for this project was to ensure effectiveness and sustainability of the communication programs. What our agency developed and implemented was an integrated mass media communication campaign to increase the acceptance and use of modern family planning methods. All the mass media communication efforts for this implementation were with an emphasis to:

  • Significantly reduce the use and reliance on withdrawal as a means of preventing unwanted pregnancy.
  • Encourage and motivate the target group to utilize their preferred choice of modern contraceptive methods.
  • Overcome the fears and apprehensions perceived with the use of hormonal contraceptives – orals and injectables – while specifically addressing the side effects. (The association with cancer, and myths and misconceptions concerning hormonal methods)
  • Promote the correct use of the emergency contraceptive pills so as to minimize misuse and abuse.

We developed a media plan and a detailed implementation timeline, and took care of both these tasks with the appropriate mix of television, radio, print, transit, event advertising, and conducting media monitoring, to achieve the stated objectives. Our agency created one television spot and two radio spots.