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Brand: Globe
Services: Rebranding, Brand Identity, OOH Design, Tv Spot, Social Media Design

Refreshed and Revitalized, Globe's New Identity Connects with Customers

Introducing the new face of Globe – a brand that has been a leading player in the electronics retail industry in Albania for years. Having a strong positioning in the market comes with greater competition and the need for a new approach to the customer. Our agency worked with the rebranding on Globe’s brand identity as well as giving the brand a new communication strategy. We focused on the brand’s unique identifying colors of turquoise and orange, and added a fresh and youthful approach with secondary colors to create a visual identity that is modern and engaging. To give the brand a more personal touch, we came up with the slogan “For you” (Për ty) and incorporated lifestyle components in all of the creatives. Through this approach, we emphasized the “Take Care” notion by bringing the brand closer to its clients. In addition, we showcased Globe’s expertise by highlighting benefits of different products in numerous creatives. By positioning Globe as an expert in the field, we established the brand as a go-to destination for all electronics needs. Through our rebranding efforts, Globe is now positioned to stand out in a competitive market and connect with its customers on a more personal level.

The brand's identifying colors were emphasized to create a bolder appearance while also incorporating more familiar tones that gave a whole new mood to the brand.

A consistent brand identity that focuses on the consumer’s well being

Globe’s brand identity was consistently reflected across all communication channels, with a focus on positioning the customer as a hero and establishing Globe as an expert. Our new approach made Globe seem as caring for the wellbeing of its customers.

Adding the lifestyle component in all communications made the brand closer to its target audience

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It’s the little things that count- putting a cake on the stove, or clothes near the washing machine. Small elements of daily life will make a difference in the way a brand communicates.
We wanted to give Globe’s target audience a sense of home.

Every campaign was accompanied by a short TV Spot. Making sure the brand stayed consistent, a mood and tone of voice complementary to the designs was applied. The brand was easily identifiable through its primary colors, turquoise and orange.

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The orange "globe" was consistently used as a key visual element in all designs, creating a strong association with the brand in customers' minds


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