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Brand: BioJu
Services: Brand Identity, TV Spot, OOH, Social Media

Bringing the best of nature

BioJu was the first premium supermarket in Albania that sourced only bio and organic certified products. At BioJU, they believe that the food we eat should be good for our bodies and good for the planet that’s why they source only BIO certified products, partnering with trusted suppliers to bring their customers the freshest and most nutritious ingredients possible. Our agency played a key role in creating BioJU’s positioning in the market. We firstly developed their brand book, which served as the blueprint for ta strong brand identity. From there, we developed a comprehensive 360 degree communication strategy that combined traditional and digital tactics designed to raise awareness of the BioJU brand and connect with their target audience.

Designs That Connect: Harnessing the Emotional Power of the Brand to Build Lasting Relationships.

Identity in action: Making the brand come alive through consistent communication

Staying on brand and keeping the messaging consistent across every touchpoint was essential. For the illustrations of the brand’s communications, we choose photos where people are in action, as people in motion express the vitality of a healthy life that comes from bio and organic foods.

Building trust and credibility by maintaining a consistent identity across all communication channels.

With this in mind the online platforms of BioJu have a consistency and a strong brand identity by including content that combines warm colors with the primary green color of the brand which complete the idea of a healthy bio and tasty food.

We started with a teasing TV campaign in order to make the people aware and educate them on the bio certification to later on continue with short ads that presented the supermarket to the audience.
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