A Call For Help
Child Helpline Awareness Campaign

Integrated Campaign / Brand Identity and Public Awareness / 2010

The Child Helpline was a new tool that aimed to counsel children through the phone and referring their calls to the respective structures.

The main goal of the helpline was to protect the rights of children at risk and ensure they had access to a range of appropriate and quality prevention and protection services. In short terms during this campaign our work included the creation of an identity for the helpline, we had to inform the target group of the nature of the helpline and also encourage children that have problems or that are concerned of their friends to call the helpline. In long terms this campaign helped the line as a tool for awareness on children’s rights, and created an atmosphere that helped advocacy on children’s rights.

This campaign was implemented in three stages:

The first stage included branding and recognition of the helpline and its audience, mainly the phone number 116 and 116 111, the logo and the target groups.

The second stage aimed in informing the audience of the services and the nature of the helpline as well as encouraging its use by the target groups.

The third stage aimed at conveying “tailor made” messages to the specific target groups.